The Child Cancer Forum held every two years during which debates and discussions take place among health professionals, students, and other members and institutions in society.

The objective of the Forum is to generate proposals that can help redefine and implement public policies that guarantee early diagnosis of child cancer, and fast access to quality treatment.  The Forum has been organised by the Desiderata Institute since 2011.  Each Forum produces a List of Proposals that may improve the treatment within the public health system of children and teenagers with cancer.

4th FOPRIO | 2017

Goal: Through the discussion and exchange of national and international experiences in child cancer treatment, propose ways of improving child cancer treatment systems.

Coordinator: Teresa Cristina Cardoso Fonseca

18-20 September 2017

Comissão Organizadora

Organizing Committee


3rd FOPRIO | 2015

Goal: Hold debates and discussions on how to improve child cancer treatment, with concurrent discussion of how to disseminate important health information, he overall aim being to devise ways and means to define public health policies.

25-27 August 2015

2nd FOPRIO | 2013

Goal: Hold debates on child health issues, how to influence public health policies and encourage full, efficient and quality treatment for children and teenagers with cancer.

Coordinator: Dr. Clarisse Lobo (Hemorio)

22-23 August 2013


20/09 quarta-feira

1st FOPRIO | 2011

Goal: Hold discussions on the importance of care in the treatment of child cancer though the integration of health professionals in treatment of both basic and complex cancers.

Coordinator: Dr. Clarisse Lobo (Hemorio)

13-14 June 2011

19/09 terça-feira

20/09 quarta-feira

Evento científico

Local: Auditório da Bolsa de Valores

Praça XV de Novembro, 20 – Térreo

Centro – Rio de Janeiro – RJ

Confira a programação dos outros dias do Fórum:

Summary of presentations

Evaluation of Forum
by participants

Organising Committee




Organizing Committee

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