Clarisse Lobo

Director | HEMORIO

Débora Bertussi

Technical Assistant at the Municipal Secretariat of São Bernardo do Campo (São Paulo)

Flávia Reis

Artistic Co-ordinator at the Roda Gigante (Giant Wheel) group – RJ

José Eduardo Castro

Consultant | The Cancer Foundation

Maria Auxiliadora Gomes

Superintendent of Maternity and Paediatric Hospitals at the Municipal Secretariat of Health, Rio de Janeiro

Paulo Barreto Campello

Creator and Co-ordinator of ‘Art, as part of health treatment, sometimes cures, occasionally brings relief, but always brings comfort’ – University of Pernambuco-UPE

Raul Ribeiro

Director of the Leukemia/Lymphona Division and of the International Programme at St Jude Children´s Research Hospital (EUA)

Tatiana Fazecas

Head of Paediatric Radiology | Jesus Municipal Hospital (RJ); Paediatric Radiology Doctor at the Image Diagnostics Clinic – CDPI

Tatiana Raquel Selbmann Coimbra

Assistant Co-ordinator at the Technical Division of Child Health and Breastfeeding/DAPES/SAS – Ministry of Health

Case Studies

GT 1 | Access to child cancer treatment

GT 2 | Child cancer and the training of doctors and nurses

GT 3 | Information on Health

GT 4 | Basic Principles of the Single Health System (SUS) in relation to child cancer

Work Group Members

Alcides José de Carvalho Carneiro

Sociodemographic and Environmental Information Manager/ Pereira Passos Municipal Institute for Urban Planning

Alexandre Chieppe

Superintendent of Epidemiological and Environmental Surveillance at the State Secretariat of Health

Alfredo Scaff

Doctor in Sanitary Medicine (RJ)

Fernando Werneck

Head of the Childcare Clinic

Federal Hospital for State Employees

José Eduardo Castro

Consultant | The Cancer Institute

Marceli Santos

Coordination Office for Surveillance and Prevention | CGPV/INCA

Marcelo Land

Doctor | IPPMG/UFRJ (RJ)

Paulo Peres

Director | Jesus Municipal Hospital (RJ)

Roberto de Queiroz Padilha

Director of Teaching | Institute of Teaching and Research, Sírio Libanês Hospital (SP)

Silvia Brandalise

Director | Boldrini Child Centre (SP)

Sima Ferman

Head of Paediatrics, HC1 | INCA

Waleska Muniz Lopes Guerra

Superintendent of  Regulation for the State of Rio de Janeiro



Evaluation of Forum by participants

Organizing Committee



Technical Coordination

ROBERTA COSTA MARQUES | Director of Desiderata Institute

Ministry of Health – Hospital Management Department


INCA – National Cancer Institute

SIMA FERMAN | Head of Child Medicine, HC1

State Secretariat for Health

CLAUDIA BEZERRA | Secretary to the Undersecretary

MARTA MAIA | General Coordination for Health Education

REGINA CANEDO | Technician at  General Coordination for Health Education

RITA DE CÁSSIA MELLO GUIMARÃES | Technician at Superintendence for Specialised Care, Control, and Evaluation

IPPMG – Paediatric Hospital at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

ANA PAULA BUENO | Doctor in Paediatric Blood Cancer

LÚCIA EVANGELISTA | Medical Co-ordinator at Outpatient Department

ELAINE SOBRAL DA COSTA | Doctor in Paediatric Blood Cancer

MARCELO LAND | Doctor in Paediatric Blood Cancer

Municipal Secretariat for Health and Civil Defence – RJ

MARTHA VILELA | Manager of Child Health Programme (until January 2013)

FLAVIA BESSA | Managerial Team for of Child Health Programme

VITÓRIA VELLOZO | Municipal Secretariat for Health

CLAUDIA MÁXIMO | Head of Child Blood Cancer Centre


Jesus Municipal Hospital

PAULO PERES | Director

ELIZABETH ALT PARENTE | Assistant to the Director

HEIDI PACHECO | Head of Paediatrics

Federal Hospital for State Employees

FERNANDO WERNECK | Chief Clinician in Department of Paediatrics

TATIANA SORIA | Doctor in Child Blood Cancer Paediatrics

Lagoa Federal Hospital

SORAIA ROUXINOL | Doctor and Technical Manager for Child Blood Cancer Paediatrics


SIMA FERMAN | Counsellor

Desiderata Institute

LAURENICE PIRES | Manager for Child Cancer Projects

ÉRICA QUINTANS | Assistant for Child Cancer Projects




‘Cooperation oils the machine that makes things happen.  It is this cooperation that allows us to make up for those things that as individuals we don’t have’.

Richard Sennett


Organizing Committee

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